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The West Bank wall is called a “barrier” and “security fence” by Israel and the “apartheid wall” by the Palestinians to draw a parallel with Buntustan in South Africa during the Apartheid era. It is a physical separation wall consisting of a network of walls, electrified fences and deep trenches which is being constructed by Israel around the West Bank. Initially Israel announced that the wall would follow the 1949 armistice line (the green line) but today, the wall will annex some 47% of the West Bank isolating Palestinian communities. It is estimated that 1.8 million Palestinians will be living inside the wall

In total the Wall will run over 650 km (400 miles) inside the West Bank.

The Wall takes on a variety of forms; around Qalqiliya the Wall is concrete eight meters (25 feet) high and fortified with armed observation posts and in other areas it may be part concrete/part fence or a series of razor wire and/or electric fencing all of which includes a 70-100 meter (approximately 230-330 feet) “buffer zone” with trenches, roads, razor wire, cameras, and trace paths for footprints. In Bethlehem and Jerusalem, the Wall is made up of a combination of these edifices.


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The Wall is being built deep within the West Bank as it zigzags throughout 10 out of the 11 West Bank districts. The Wall, on this path, annexes nearly 47% of the West Bank and completely destroys all continuity of life in the region.

The Wall begins at the northern most point in the West Bank and runs through the western districts of the West Bank to the north of Jerusalem; the Wall is not being built on or near the 1967 Green Line and at points reaches 16 km (some 10 miles) deep right into the heart of the West Bank in order to annex major Israeli settlements . After cutting through neighborhoods and villages in East Jerusalem, the Wall continues near Bethlehem and continues south towards Hebron. In eastern West Bank, a second wall begins in the northern West Bank and, runs somewhat parallel to the first wall annexes the Jordan Valley, extends south to Jerusalem where it connects with the first Wall, and thereafter stretches through the southern West Bank. (click here for a map)

The cost to build the wall is about $4.7 million per kilometer, a total of $3.4 billion US dollars.

The Buildings:

  • Some 218 buildings have been demolished in the village of Nazlat 'Isa, 200 were shops which were in important source of income and survival for a number of communities; five homes have also been demolished for the Wall plus 16 with demolition orders.
  • 75 stores, 20 factories, 20 homes, and 1 primary school has demolition orders which are expected to take place in the very near future.


The Hague and court 9th July full story...

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The Land

  • 121,455 dunums 1 of land - 2% of the West Bank - is to be annexed in the "first phase" of the Wall under the Israeli self-declared "security zone".
  • Some 14,680 dunums of land have been razed for the footprint of the Wall, including the uprooting of 102,320 trees.
  • Of the 51 communities on the Wall's path, 25 reported that residents have no access to land, 4 said there is limited access and 13 still have access.


  • Approximately 20,000 individuals, in some 3,175 families, will be located east of the Wall but with their agricultural lands to the west, losing their livelihoods, sustenance, and heritage.
  • Some 10,000 grazing animals will not have access to their grazing lands.
  • An illegal tree-selling industry had been established, whereas the bulldozer drivers and construction companies collaborated in uprooting trees for and under the pretense of the Wall in order to sell them on the Israeli market.

The People the towns and villages:

Over 200,000 people living in the areas around the Wall in the districts of Jenin, Tulkarem, and Qalqiliya are affected by the Wall.

  • Qalqiliya city is completely surrounded by the Wall, Tulkarem is isolated on one side by the Wall and on the other by the "Isolation Barrier" (an expansion of the Wall that ensures complete isolation/ghettoization), and 18 villages are surrounded on all three sides by the Wall.
  • In Qalqiliya the unemployment rate went up from 18% in 2000 to 78% in 2003. 42,000 residents reside in Qalqiliya and 10% left their homes because of the closure of the market and the inability to find work.
  • At various points, the Wall is built 6 km inside the West Bank, cutting into over 1/10 of the West Bank width.
  • Some 11,550 people, from 16 villages are trapped between the Wall and the 1967 Green Line , in the de facto annexed area which Israel now considers a "closed military zone".
  • 10 illegal Israeli Jewish-only settlements/colonies are de facto annexed.
  • Most of the fertile lands of some 50 villages will be separated and isolated from the community.
  • 90% of the land will be lost in the Palestinian Jerusalem area when the wall is completed.

    The Gaza Strip:

  • Has a population of 1.3 million in 365 square km.
  • A wall is being build and termed by the Israeli's a “military zone” along the Egyptian border. It is 8m high, equipped with three electronic doors in Rafah. Many homes have been destroyed and is one of the most isolated places in the world.

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