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Maybe someday I will organize these links, but at this time, I will add the links to this page, the ones that I add into the articles or on the other pages. On the left are the ones on the left of my pages and in the center are the ones from the articles and random links.

Iraq and oil Terrorism

Oil in Iraq , Global Policy Forum

Who is Osama bin Laden?
Aljazeera Changing Full text Bin Lad Ladens letter to America click for text...
Face of Iraq A timeline of Al Qaeda's attacks..
EIA Country Analysis Forum  
global security, Iraq oil Iraq
Reliefweb Iraq Oil Map Iraqi News
analysis, assets up for Sale, Iraq Occupation Watch
occupation watch, Oil articles UN Iraq
a news resource for the oil and gas industry Saddam Hussein Interview
US firms aiding Iraqi Oil Industry Surviving Saddam
Iraq Daily Iraq Body Count
Electronic Iraq  
CIA factbook  

Indictments: Chalmers and Park. Food for Oil
Fact about Food for Oil
Kofi Annan statement Food for Oil Inquiry.

WFP West Bank American governments
President Yasser Arafat Justice department
From Occupied Palestine The Pentagon

Palestine News Network - Palestine news in English
WAFA - Palestine News Agency in English and Arabic
Palestine Report - Palestine News in English
Ramallah Online - A Palestinian forum and information center in English
Alternative News
Indy Media: Jerusalem local accounts and testimonials
Electronic Intifada
MidEast Web

International Court of Justice
CIA Worldfact book Gaza President George Bush
Palestine History Who is Condoleezza Rice?
Palestinian Authority  
Palestine Children Welfare Fund  
B'Tselem Photojournalism
Gush Shalom Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation
Settlements and House Demolitions Magnum Photos
ICAD (Israeli Commitee Against House Demolitions Photos by Cartier-Bresson
Jewish Virtual Library on settlements A bibliography

The Wall

Stop the - Anti-Apartheid wall campagin
Palestinian Solidarity
Applied Research Inst. Jerusalem
seperation wall map
Hague decision
Summery of the here
Legal here

The Arts
Sling Shot Hip Hop-Palestinian Rap groups



Who is Ariel Sharon ?
What is the Road Map? condensed, Dept of State explanation of the Road Map
EU PDF “Road Map” a better version, reality based
Road map comments, Rice, Powell in Amman Jordan Interview
Jerusalem Post an Israeli Newspaper in English
The Haaretz Daily an Israeli Newspaper in Hebrew and English
Y Net News - Israeli News in English
Arutz Sheva - Israeli News in English


The Middle East

Middle East Information Center
Palestinians and Middle East Peace: Issues for the United States actually pretty good. A PDF file
US and Middle East Key documents
European Union – Index links
UN Security Council Resolutions…list and links
1947 1948 UN General Assembly Resoultion's

United Nations  

In The Name of Security film, at Palestine Online Store:

Report by NLG delegation to Palestine "Israel and the Destruction of Palestinian Culture and Civil Society" (PDF, 39 pages)

Israel's Wall: An Analysis Of Its Legal Validity Under U.S. and International Law

Information sheet condemning Israeli Military (PDF, 2 pages)

Report by NLG delegation to Palestine "The Al Aqsa Intifida and Israel's Apartheid: The U.S. Military and Economic Role in the Violation of Palestinian Human Rights" (PDF, 74 pages)

NYTimes Op-ed: Palestinians in a State of Siege (March 16, 2001)

Emergency Gaza Relief Fund - Please Contribute Now

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